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Kendrix, Director of Field Services


The Great Commission starts at home...

Growing Up Into Christ in All Things

December 12, 2017

God’s ultimate goal for His people is that we grow up into Christ in all things.  However daunting of an goal that may be, we were created to talk like Jesus, think like Jesus, valued what Jesus values and live daily life like Jesus lived when he was on the earth.  The good news is God provided us with simple instruction and gave us everything that we would every need to rise to the occasion!  The bad news is most professing believers don’t believe God and/or we don’t like His way of doing things.  For instance, taking up our cross sounds like a noble enough thing to do enlight of what Jesus did for us but to actually put ourselves out there like that goes against our nature.  Then there is the matter of walking by faith and not by what we discern with the five senses that God gave us.  Life can feel like a great big parodox if we’re not careful.

There are a couple things that we should always keep in mind, especially when the plumline seems to fade.  We are sojourners on this earth called to die to sin and the things of this world.  The world system is wicked and against all that is holy, good and just.  It is only when our hearts are set on heaven that we can usher God’s Kingdom onto the earth.  Secondly, we must remember that Jesus is our example.  Those who profess the mighty name of Jesus are followers of Him.  His witness is true and He is perfect.  The rest of us can and often will fail one another because of our humanity.  Have a ready heart to forgive and keep your heart open to those spiritual leaders God brings into your life.  The final thing I would like to mention is that the Bible alone is the inspired Word of God.  The Holy Spirit is the great teacher and He reals truth through the Scripture.  There are many good books and gifted teachers but none of them replace the Bible and the Holy Spirit.  Embrace them where they agree with the Word and the Spirit and reject them when they do not.  Scripture speak to everything in life  defining what a healthy marriage is, tells us how to raise our families and gives us a strategy for bringing about transformation in any society.  We must let the Word be our expectation for what is possible and what is important.  In so doing, we are postured to be a vessel of honor for the Lord.